Income Inequality, Public Opinion and Political Outcomes

Session Organizer:
Herman van de Werfhorst
Thursday, 2 July 2015: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
TW2.1.04 (Tower Two)
This session is a component of the Inequality: Drivers, Impacts and Policies mini-conference
How Income Inequality Is Related to Tolerance for Inequality
Martin Schröder, University of Marburg
The Structure of Inequality, Social Trust and Redistribution: A Cross-Country Analysis in a Panel of OECD Countries
Andreas Katsikidis, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences
Crisis, Class, and Social Policy: Public Opinion and Inequality
Alexander Horn, Aarhus University; Kees van Kersbergen, Aarhus University; Carsten Jensen, Aarhus University; Anthony Kevins, Aarhus University