Entrepreneurial Education the Way of Overcoming Social-Economic Inequality in Georgia

Saturday, 4 July 2015: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
CLM.4.02 (Clement House)
Eka Lekashvili, Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
AAt present Georgian Economy faces new challenges, among which one of the topical is economic development and increase in employment. Theoretical research and practical experience prove that the development of entrepreneurship is the main solution to these problems. Propensity to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities are different across countries. The positive job creation, innovation and competition effects gained from the development of entrepreneurship are further increased by economic growth gains, which are redistributed and controlled by the state. Generally, entrepreneurship and economic growth require that the need for economic education be generated.  This goal can be achieved by means of effective educational and entrepreneurship development policies. The research goal is to study problems of entrepreneurial thinking in Georgia on the modern stage and to find ways to solve them. The low level of entrepreneurial education and thinking are the main reasons of problems of development, competitive business and entrepreneurship in Georgia. The EU promotes the development of entrepreneurial thinking and spirit by the stimulation of supply of entrepreneurial ideas and supporting new knowledge and technology, which in the end helps raising the entrepreneurial thinking.

The development of entrepreneurial thinking by the solving fragmented tasks, without systematization of entrepreneurial education, cannot provide effective results. This includes logical development of the thinking and perfection between all the levels of the education – basic, professional, high and Life Long Learning. Rising of entrepreneurial study qualification and culture in Georgia needs the interference in the education system and implementation of entrepreneurial education initiatives in. The research suggests the list of recommendations for the raising of entrepreneurial thinking and education in Georgia.