Neoliberalism, Institutional Change, and the Fate of Egalitarian Capitalism

Session Organizers:
Lucio Baccaro and Sabina Avdagic
Thursday, 2 July 2015: 2:15 PM-3:45 PM
TW2.3.01 (Tower Two)
Four papers on institutional change and social solidarity
Organized Decentralisation. Institutional Fragmentation in Australian Industrial Relations 1983-2012.
Richard Cooney, Monash University; Russell Lansbury, University of Sydney
Social Democracy and Alternatives to Capitalism in Sweden and Britain, 1969-83
Shannon Ikebe, University of California, Berkeley
The Nordic Labour Markets Still on the High-Road to Egalitarian Capitalism?
Bjarke Refslund, Aalborg Univeristy; Ole H. Sorensen, Aalborg University; Stine Rasmussen, Aalborg University