Supplier and Service Relatioships in Changing Capitalist Economies

Jung Wook Shim
Session Organizers:
Gerhard Schnyder and Christina Ahmadjian
Friday, 3 July 2015: 4:00 PM-5:30 PM
CLM.3.05 (Clement House)
Who Owns Client-Professional Relationships-the Merging Firm or the Merged Firm?: Post-Merger Integration through Client Sharing Between Audit Firms
Masaru Karube, Hitotsubashi University; Hironori Fukukawa, Hitotsubashi University; Israel Drori, College of management Academic Studies
Interdependent Behavior in Plant Location Choice: Japanese Auto-Parts Firms' Entry in China
Hideyuki Takenouchi, Sophia University; Yasuhiro Saito, Obirin Univeristy; Ichiro Takahashi, Jissen Women's university
Relational Structure of Global Automotive Industry: Groups, Networks and Fields
Mario Sacomano Neto, Federal University of Sao Carlos - UFSCar; Paulo Cesar Matui, Federal University os São Carlos; Silvio Eduardo Alvarez Candido, Federal University of Sao Carlos - UFSCar; Roniberto Morato do Amaral, Federal University os São Carlos