Session Organizers:
Caroline Arnold , Richard Doner and Douglas B Fuller
Friday, 3 July 2015: 2:15 PM-3:45 PM
CLM.B.05 (Clement House)
Ofdi Promotion Policies in Emerging Economies: The Brazilian and Chinese Strategies
Luiz Caseiro, University of São Paulo; Gilmar Masiero, University of São Paulo
On Maquila, Diamonds and Telecom: Building a Theoretical Classification of FDI in Developing Countries
Iliana Olivie, Elcano Royal Institute; Aitor Perez, Elcano Royal Institute
Multilatinas’ reputation at a crossroads: Accounting for their social irresponsibility across different institutional environments
Elisa Giuliani, Università  di Pisa (P.I. 00286820501); Davide Fiaschi, University of Pisa; Federica Nieri, University of Pisa
Productive Capacity, Diversification and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in LDC
Helio Henkin, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul; Carlos Schonerwald, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro