Institutions, Labor Market Reforms, and the Space for Alternatives

Bob Hancke
Session Organizers:
John W Cioffi , Frans van Waarden and Jonathan Zeitlin
Bob Hancke
Thursday, 2 July 2015: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
CLM.3.05 (Clement House)
The claim that labor market and social welfare reforms are a necessary component of competitive adjustment are a commonplace informing many European responses to the Great Recession. In its dominant form, this claim suggests that there is a common recipe that governments need to follow to secure a way out of the crisis. Together, the papers for this panel call into question the premise of this claim and offer insights regarding the range of institutional and ideational factors conditioning the structure and direction of change across Southern Europe. They also advance our understanding of the opportunities for organized labor to resist and adapt to these changes through the lens of Northern European responses to neoliberal reforms, thereby advancing academic dialogue on the question of union relevance in the shadow of austerity.
Theories of Institutional Change and Labour Market Reforms in Spain and Italy
Kenneth A. Dubin, Anglia Ruskin University; Jonathan Hopkin, London School of Economics