Time-Use, Entrepreneurship, and MNEs

Session Organizers:
Christopher Williams and Wendelien van Eerde
Thursday, 2 July 2015: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
TW1.3.01 (Tower One)
The purpose of this session is to discuss research related to innovation and entrepreneurial dynamics in multinational enterprises (MNEs) from a time-use perspective. MNEs are organizations with assets distributed across numerous national cultures. The identities of those individuals spread out across these cultures who contribute to innovative projects and entrepreneurial initiatives will play an important role in how innovation unfolds. This session proposes to look into how these identities are defined by their time-use characteristics and how the use of time across cultures impacts innovation in MNEs. The session also proposes to examine the process of innovation in MNEs in new ways and to explore temporal barriers to rejuvenation of the MNE.
A Time-Use Perspective on Entrepreneurial Initiatives in the Multinational Corporation
Christopher Williams, Durham University Business School; Wendelien van Eerde, Amsterdam Business School
Internal and External TIE Complementarity: Implications for Subsidiary Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets
Nathan Lupton, Fordham University; Christopher Williams, Durham University Business School