Constructing Morality in Immoral Spaces: Sex Work, Workers and Products

Saturday, June 25, 2016: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
259 Dwinelle (Dwinelle Hall)
When Transferable Skills Can't Transfer: Examining Occupational Stigma on Worker Mobility
Sarah Blithe, University of Nevada Reno; Breanna *, University of Nevada Reno; Anna Wiederhold Wolfe, University of Nevada Reno
Economic Shifts, Moral Values, and Political Boundaries: The Symbolic Relationship Between Sex Toys and Pornography
Shelly Ronen, New York University; Lynn Comella, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
The Moral Economy of Female Sex Workers in Post-Socialist China
Yeon Jung Yu, University of South Carolina
Liminal Sex & Markets: The Business Practices of Elite Online Escorts
Kathryn Hausbeck Korgan, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Alex Nelson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Antoinette Izzo, UNLV