Financial and Non-Financial Reporting: Stakeholders Expectation and Value Creation

Guler Aras
Session Organizer:
Guler Aras
Sunday, June 26, 2016: 9:00 AM-10:30 AM
206 Dwinelle (Dwinelle Hall)
In recent years, financial reporting practices have failed to meet stakeholder concerns and expectations. Financial reporting is not able to provide the necessary information for all stakeholders and decision makers.  Stakeholders are increasingly considering internal and external non-financial factors, such as environmental, social, governance and ethical issues. In  other words, the level of interest from stakeholders in non-financial performance has risen significantly and they are finding it valuable when companies provide integrated information (financial and non-financial) about what affects their businesses. Thus, integrated financial and non-financial reporting are providing a more complete and comprehensive picture of strategies, business models, governance processes, risks and returns and overall performance which can help stakeholders make better informed decisions about companies’ long-term prospects. Non-financial reporting is complementary to the existing financial reporting model. Non-financial reporting incorporates non-financial information that helps stakeholders understand how a company creates and sustains value over the long-term and contributes to sustainable markets. In this session we are aiming to discuss how we can respond to stakeholder expectations and value creation by using new information tools.